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Affordable Self Storage Auckland

Are you in between houses? Are you decluttering? Perhaps you’re moving? In need of self storage Auckland? The storage experts at Constore are here to help.

Our Auckland self storage facility is a cost effective option for both short and long term storage. Because we have been providing self storage services for a long time, we know what’s important. As well as offering affordable storage solutions, shipping containers have a number of other advantages. They’re ideal for secure storage because they’re built to withstand years of international freight. For your peace of mind, we only select new containers with proven lock-box security systems.

Lots of Extra Space

Our spacious containers can hold a surprising amount of stuff. Your container is 5.9m long, 2.35m wide, and 2.4m high, which equates to 32 cubic metres. It’s spacious enough to leave an aisle so you can get to things at the back if you need to. Also, your container is large enough to accommodate a family car or small boat! Our self storage Auckland facility is used by customers for car storage, household storage, boat storage, seasonal items, furniture storage, and garage storage.

Not sure how much space you need?

Check out the various storage options using our Space Calculator. Still not sure how much space you require? Our experienced team can help.

Strong Security Presence

We have perimeter fencing, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and external monitoring to ensure the safety of our facility. It’s no surprise that First National patrols our facility regularly since they are right next door!

Walk away from your property knowing it’s in good hands with Constore’s:

Central Storage Facilities ​

Our central storage facility is conveniently located in Henderson for straightforward access. Keep items easily accessible so you do not waste time stuck in traffic. Drive-up access is available via electronic swipe card 7 days a week.

Flexible Storage Options

Do you need short term storage? We offer a flexible storage service with a two-months minimum period. After that, you can cancel anytime with just 14-days' notice. Want to secure your shipping container for longer? We offer long term storage too. Whatever your storage requirements, Constore has a storage solution. Benefit from flexible lease terms.

Affordable Storage Solutions

Our rates are often the lowest around. Constore provides the best value in storage with its competitive pricing, clean storage facilities, excellent service, and friendly staff.

Are You a Commercial Customer?

Are you looking for business storage? Check out commercial storage solutions.

Constore is a Private Storage Company that offers affordable storage spaces at competitive prices and fantastic customer service. When putting your belongings in storage be sure to choose a clean, secure, cheap storage solution from a reputable company. Learn more about why Constore is your best choice for Auckland Self Storage. 

Safe, Secure, Spacious Storage Solutions for:

In-between homes? Moving overseas?

You need an affordable, spacious storage solution that provides a strong security presence for peace of mind. Our containers are large enough to take something as substantial as a family size car or small boat. Our lease terms are flexible, with a minimum two month rental period, and only 14 days notice to cancel.


So much of what we have around our homes we seldom use, and yet much of it we just can’t part with. A storage container is a fantastic compromise! Declutter your house and reclaim your living space with a private, lockable container. Create a clean, organised, comfortable home and store your excess ‘stuff’ with us.

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