How Much Can You Fit In A 20ft Shipping Container?

Are you planning to move to a new house or are simply decluttering your home and need extra storage space? A container storage facility might be your answer! But how much can you actually fit in a 20ft shipping container? Let’s take a look. 

The Measurements Of A 20ft Shipping Container

First, let’s start with exactly how big a 20ft shipping container is. The internal dimensions are 589.74cm (L) x 234.80cm (W) x 238.44cm (H). The internal volume for storing your items is 33.150mᶟ.

What Items Can You Fit In A 20ft Shipping Container?

But this isn’t very helpful unless you’re good at visualising how much physical space you have based on measurements alone. So to get a better idea, here are some key household items you may put in a storage container and how many of each item you can actually fit – you may be surprised!

  • 116 microwaves
  • 25 3-seater sofas
  • 19 dining room tables and chairs
  • 12 double beds including mattresses
  • 193 bikes
  • 58 washing machines or dishwashers
  • 21 fridge freezers

Now that you’ve got an idea of just how big one of these storage containers is, let’s see how this translates to a more accurate representation of what you might be storing.

Say you’re in the process of moving house and need temporary storage to hold your household items, here’s what you could fit in a 20ft shipping container when packed properly:

3-seater sofa
Dining table and chairs
Coffee table
Baby’s crib
Single bed (with mattress)
Office desk and chair
Dressing table
Washing machine
Fridge freezer
2 rugs
2 televisions
2 stereo systems
2 double beds (with mattresses)
2 wardrobes
4 bikes
& some other small items
But how is this possible? It’s all about organisation and maximising the space.

How To Maximise Space In A Shipping Container

  1. Stack items vertically – heavy items on the bottom
  2. Pack items you want to frequently use at the front of the container
  3. Leave an aisle to walk around for easy access
  4. Store large items such as couches upright
  5. Store smaller items in the gaps under furniture

By organising your items efficiently, you can fit a surprising amount of things in a 20ft storage container.

So whether you’re moving to a new house, downsizing your home, or simply need some extra space for your belongings, a 20ft shipping container can provide you with ample storage space. At Constore, we pride ourselves on providing container storage that is secure, affordable, convenient, and spacious. Contact us today to learn more about your options at our Auckland storage facility.

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